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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy


Artistic Pizza offers a Call on Arrival service to help improve the efficiency of our delivery process and our customer service. 
Call on Arrival involves a delivery customer receiving a call or SMS message a few minutes before their Delivery Expert arrives at their delivery address. The Call on Arrival call or SMS message will provide the customer with time to get ready to receive their order, which may involve going downstairs (if their delivery address is within an apartment building), switching on their porch light (if their delivery address is a house), restraining their dog or getting their payment ready (if the order has not been pre-paid online).
Call on Arrival applies to delivery orders only (not pick up) made online or offline. Delivery customers will receive a call or SMS message if their order is GPS tracked and they have provided a valid phone number with their order. Artistic Pizza does not guarantee complete availability of the Call on Arrival service at all times. Customers ordering via Uber will not receive Call on Arrival updates.